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Why is Olivia Pope Using Nokia Lumia 925 Windows Phone?


Tonight is the season finale of Scandal and I am beyond ready for my soul to be laid out! LOL This video/post has been in the making for weeks and because I’m lazy.. I’m just now posting it! Olivia Pope Uses Nokia Lumia 925 Windows Phones in Scandal!! Regardless of how late this post is, it’s VERY true! You will watch ... Read More »

Giveaway: Lenmar iPhone5/5S Power Case!


As I said in my video review of Lenmar’s new GOLD Meridian iPhone5/5S Power Case, Jesus blessed me so I could bless you! I’m so happy to offer this dope power case to one of you lucky people out there! If you have not watched the review make sure you check it out. Enter to win this chic power case, ... Read More »

Lenmar NEW GOLD Meridian iPhone Power Case Review! [video]


New office + new microphone + excitement = YouTube Video! LOL I decided to do something different and record a video for my review of Lenmar’s Meridian iPhone Power Case. My friends like BooredatWork and BWOne have made me jealous and eager to dive into videos. Check out the video and let me know what you think about it. I’m ... Read More »

#MaxYourTax with Walmart Lowest Priced Unlimited Plans!


This Lowest Priced Unlimited Plans post is a #spon shop that has been sponsored because I am a member of the social complication network #CollectiveBias. I’m always looking for a way to save an extra dollar or cut my cost, which is why I love to thrift and DIY. “Why spend more, when you can spend less”  has been my moto ... Read More »