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Network Like a Pro: Must Have Apps at Conferences!


Right before I head off to any conference I do two things: blow up your twitter timelines about the event and make sure I have my apps ready for networking! On both my iPhone and Android I have folders where the download apps live. Last year I went to 5 or 6 conferences and/or tradeshows and I can say without a doubt I would not have been successful at networking without them. Read More »

Never Go “Naked” With Your Smartphone!


Last month when AT&T sent my the Samsung S5 to review I was elated! I had previously read/heard so-so reviews about the phone and was anxious to get my hands on it. Admittedly, I have “oil hands” where everything just slips out lol. So I always have a phone case when I’m reviewing phones so I don’t damage them. Well ... Read More »

The True Post-PC Product: Microsoft Surface Pro 3


Microsoft and hardware haven’t been known to mesh together as the company made it’s claim to fame with software. Throughout the years, Microsoft has paved the way for the computing industry to put computing power in the hands of consumers all across the globe. Coming in a range of different forms and prices, Windows represents a catalyst more so than ... Read More »

The Transformation of Apple


During Apple’s developer conference this week, many were hoping for the slightest chance to see a hint of the hardware coming later this year. For those that know how Apple works, myself included, they know the chance of that happening was as great as the 76ers winning the NBA Finals this year. However, unaware to the general media, Apple was ... Read More »