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The Transformation of Apple


During Apple’s developer conference this week, many were hoping for the slightest chance to see a hint of the hardware coming later this year. For those that know how Apple works, myself included, they know the chance of that happening was as great as the 76ers winning the NBA Finals this year. However, unaware to the general media, Apple was ... Read More »

HTC One M8 Review


It’s been a year since the last HTC One. When last we wrote about HTC’s flagship phone, there was speculation on how the company might fare with the One, given Samsung was dropping its own upgrade to the Galaxy S line of flagship devices. Particularly of concern was the extravagant budget of something like 13 billion dollars (US) that the ... Read More »

Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro Review!


Before I delve into the nooks and crannies of the Yoga 2 Pro, let’s make one thing clear:  Lenovo has talent.  They didn’t always, though, at least not in this market.  For one, their official entry into the PC manufacturing business occurred via acquisition, when they essentially bought their ticket into 3rd place among the leading PC manufacturers from IBM.  ... Read More »

14 Days with Samsung Galaxy Note 3 & Galaxy Gear Watch!


In the past year the line between tablets and smartphones have gotten closer! In March when I used the Note 2 at SXSW I caught a lot jokes about how big the phone was and how I was holding an iPad to my ear! LOL Fast forward a few months, Samsung launches quite arguably it's best phone yet, Galaxy Note 3 along with the Galaxy Gear watch and the jokes have gotten quieter! Large phone or not, it is the real McCoy! I decided to give them a test run for 14 days. Read more on how it stacked up! Read More »