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Boredom OOTD Happened!


It’s been a while since I’ve done an OOTD post. This one almost didn’t happen! LOL Last week my mom decided I was her “personal assistant” where I was tasked with charting her around the city after work. LOL I don’t mind when it’s just us, but we also had Brookie and she is a handful to say the least! ... Read More »

Lazy Peter Pilotto for Target OOTD!


This is by far the laziest OOTD I’ve ever done LMAO Who gon check me tho! I hate taking picture inside and unfortunately Chicago has been in the negatives most of this tinter so I’ve just been like “forget about it” but I loved this Peter Pilotto for Target Color Block Blazer so much that I had to post something. Everybody ... Read More »

Happy Labor Day: I’m Still Wearing White Shoes!!!


Happy Labor Day all! I’m currently in the house working on the presentation for my SEO Tricks and Tidbits, oh the fun! lol Let us discuss the real reason we’re here! Yesterday I had an argument with a friend about how white shoes were out after labor day. A few years ago I would have agreed with her. Heck, a ... Read More »