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Dress Up, Dress Down

Dress Up, Dress Down – Spring Sweatshirt Trend!


Its been a long time since I’ve done a Dress Up, Dress Down post, but like my manicure monday post I’m back in action! Sweatshirts are soft, comfy, cozy, and easy. Undoubtedly are not the first thing that one might consider a fashion staple, but 1 year ago neither were wedge sneakers and look where they are now. Tons of ... Read More »

Dress Up, Dress Down: Pleated Leather Skirts


I have fallen completely in love with pleated leather skirts! Which is somewhat remarkable because these knock knees are typically in pants! lol After falling in love, I sat their wondering…asking Jesus “how to wear a pleated leather skirt” and you all know Jesus will not disappoint! Dress Down – Pleated Skirt Dress down pleated leather skirts when trying to ... Read More »

Dress Up, Dress Down – Leather Sleeve Jacket for Fall!!


I’m so in love with the leather sleeve trend. SO IN LOVE I SAY. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m still very much a fan of full leather jackets.. but the sleeves seem so chic and modern and who wouldn’t want to be modern or chic?!?! Don’t worry I’ll wait! lol  With exceptional versatility and the necessary “statement” piece investing ... Read More »

Fav Fall Color Oxblood – Dress Up, Dress Down


Oxblood. Ugly sounding word for such a hot fall trend. I would personally like to use the words burgundy, wine, Bordeaux, cranberry, merlot…basically anything besides oxblood. This moody, sexy, slightly more sophisticated red with brown undertones is perfect addition to the “line up”. It can be used to add pops of colors to lips and nails or as a nice ... Read More »