#Blogher13 was Amazing, That is all!

This past weekend Blogher13 swept into Chicago. It was a crazy, whirlwind weekend fulled with conversations, cocktails, and swag!  I have a confession to make. I’m just going to put this out there first, I thought BlogHer13 would be lame! I have been to a few conferences this year, so I knew that I should be at Blogher13. I just did not know how it would fit Glasses and Glitter’s tech/fashion angle. Let me just say, I’m so glad Jesus saw fit for me to be there!

Why Blogher13 was so amazing for me?


Some of you might not know, but I’m special person! HA! No seriously, my personality doesn’t really do well with tons of BS, what’s most important for me over everything is making real life connections with people. At Blogher13, my focus was all about connecting with old internet friends and meeting new people to build something awesome. That goal was accomplished twice over!

I met host of new people like Erika of Black Girl’s Guide to Weight Loss, who I was scared to eat around! LOL My new Jesus buddy Kim from Impeccable Image, Kelly of MochaMomma – who shut down the house with her amazing story, and Lisa Stone of Blogher.. just to name a few. Nothing beats meeting a bunch of awesome women that are humble, grounded, and willing to share.

I had an awesome time jetting around Chicago to different events with my current buddies. Like how Trina (BabyShopa) and I ended up at Glam dinner and I straight attempted to “G” her necklace. It was cute tho!  😀 I was absolutely excited that none of my twitter friends were crazy in person, in fact they act just like me! LMAO


What did I learn from Blogher13?


Blogher13 was here in Chicago, my hometown, and I have a ton of other things going on so I did not take vacation days from work. Big mistake, but had to be done. Needless to I missed out on a number of sessions. I did drop into Luvvie‘s WordPress plugins session and learned about the importance of having a small amount of plugins. Under 10 would be awesome. I definitely cleaned up a bit here! LOL

The Expo hall was really beneficial for me. Being there gave me the opportunity to work with brands that I had not previously heard known existed, and got to take advantage of some dope products. For instance, Samsung had some amazing swag or my thumb band reminders from AT&T to not text and drive for the ItCanWait campaign.

Would I do Blogher again?

Absolutely. Every blogger should be there at least once in their life. If not for the connections with people, then for the connections with the brands in the Expo hall. Also, Blogher made a bit effort to embrace Gluten Free food this year, for that alone I feel like everyone should be there. LOL

I have 2 more Blogher13 post coming up, 5 Best Blogher13 Parties, Blogher13 Swag Edition. Make sure you tune in for those tomorrow! 🙂 If you went to Blogher13, or any before, what do you feel you benefited from most at this conference?