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BBM for iPhone & Android, No Thank You

Blackberry BBM betta gon! I hate to start this post with such language but BBM is really a day late and a dollar short. I hate that people are flocking to BBM like its Beyonce at Target. Jesus said NO SON!

rolling eyes

This week Blackberry released it’s HEAVILY AWAITED BBM for iOS and Android, where it was downloaded more than 10 Million times in 24 hours. Folks are crazy. I was reading over some of the reviews that gave in 5 stars in the Google Play store and for the most part everyone says the same thing “Thanks for this app, I’ve been waiting on it for so long, blah blah blah”. How you gon give something 5 stars for just being released! No! Imagine the fits of laughter I had reading The Verge yesterday where they went so far to call the reviews for BBM Fake! LMAO

I am NOT Downloading BBM for iPhone or Android!

Why? Because it’s OLD AS DIRT. No one has a blackberry, and if they do it’s because their company is forcing them to use it! BBM was hot like 5 years ago. When people starting moving from Blackberry Curves to HTC EVO’s BBM would’ve been GREAT! I for one was mad that they wouldn’t release it so I could talk to my friends.

Apps like KIK, WhatsApp, and GroupMe filled the void where BBM left off years ago. Why do I need another app that that has years to get it together and 3 days after being released had to do a bug fix update. WHY?!?!?!?

I’m not even hating on BBM. All I’m saying is.. too late, I don’t care, you should’ve come with this 3 years ago. Thanks, but not thanks. Well that was alot, but you get my drift! LOL

Did you download BBM for your Android or iPhone? Jesus and I want to know…

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  • http://www.jmillionnyc.com/ Jason Million

    Yeah i have downloaded it and its been working great thus far. I was never really a fan of WhatsApp, or even Kik too much. I like GroupMe but only talk to a few ppl on it. i guess we will see how it goes

    • http://glassesandglitter.com/ Tori | Glasses and Glitter

      You would be the one who champions it! LOL

  • kimberly marie

    yeah BYE BBM! I went iPhone and never looked back. lol

    • http://glassesandglitter.com/ Tori | Glasses and Glitter