AT&T Giving Me Life with Nokia 1020 and Jump Smokers!

AT&T has been doing some great things these past 2 weeks with the Nokia 1020. All my instagram folks know I received a Nokia 1020 to demo and review. I have been very mum, but I LOVE THIS PHONE! Seriously, it’s a game changer for Windows phone! What’s even better is AT&T has been doing great things here in Chicago to push this phone!

AT&T Nokia 1020 Launch!

Friday, in the middle of Blogher13, I stopped by the AT&T on Michigan Ave in Chicago to be at the event launches the Nokia 1020. The store event was everything. I received a demo of the phone, got a chance to take a picture in a “hot air ballon”, along with these cute Nokia 1020 cookies. My inner fat girl was very excited about the cookies! LOL

blogher13 shots

blogher13 shots

There were stations all over the store for different users so you could see just how amazing the phone works for so many different people. Kids were even allowed to get in on the fun.

blogher13 shots

I fell in love with the phone instantly! The camera is amazing! Like for real! Like seriously! Ok I quit! LOL

AT&T Nokia 1020 and Jump Smokers

This past Thursday I headed over to the AT&T store again where Jump Smokers Chicago based DJ. The event featured the Chicago-based group showing how they use music apps and AT&T devices to create energetic dance beats. I even go the chance to DJ.. Check out my skills tho!!!

On the 1s and 2s…@luvvie

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At the event I got to “test drive” some of the latest music experiences including the “Djay” app, try music streaming apps on the new Nokia Lumia 1020 smartphone, or learn about the new U-Verse “Music Choice” app that gives users access to 46 Music Choice stations and hundreds of music videos On Demand 24 hours a day.


Stay tuned for my review which will be coming soon. Would an EXTREMELY nice camera be enough for you to jump to Windows Phone?

  • Janeane Davis

    I use my camera for a great many things so a camera would be enough of a reason for me to switch phones.