AT&T #ItCanWait PSA from Tori featuring Jesus!


Back in May I announced my participation in AT&T’s ItCanWait campaign. Last month I shared AT&T’s Drive Mode app with you gals and guys. This month I decided to do something different. Since I know what you are guys always overjoyed to see my face and hear me speak about Jesus, we can created this niffy Public Service Announcement for you!

Texting and driving is a huge distraction, and so are “selfies”. Don’t act like you fashionistas haven’t tried it! LOL

There are various ways to stop texting and driving. I listed pairing car with bluetooth and AT&T Drive Mode app in the video. There are also apps available to you that will read text messages aloud like or Speak it! This is exceptionally important for now when according to AT&T latest commuter survey which showed 49% of commuters admitted to texting and driving versus 43% of teens. For more stats head of to ItCanWait.

If you follow me on Twitter you would have seen my avatar now includes the ItCanWait logo or you may have seen it elsewhere on social media. Here’s where you  can use your social media channels to show that you’re publicly taking a stand:


What do you think about my PSA? Jesus and I thought it was nice!  😀

  • Jen Schneider

    Texting and driving scares me! I hate when I see people paying more attention to their phone than the road. Yes, it can wait!

    • Thanks for dropping by 😀

  • JoannaMurnan

    Wow – what a cool campaign! I definitely have become a more conscious driver since having my daughter. With her in the backseat, there is NO way I’m going to be on my phone!

    • Yea, they definitely make you reevaluate your life! Thanks for reading.

  • bolton carley

    great campaign! and love that you and jesus agree. lol.

    • Jesus is my bff, he agrees with everything I do! HAHA

  • Love it and the commercial is TOOO CUTE!

  • Good job, and I always love hearing that accent.

    • What accent? I don’t have an accent! lol

      • You sho do, says the chick that sounds like a Valley girl. 😉

  • PamIW

    Love it! You are great. Very cute and the message comes out loud and clear.

  • Demetria Reed

    Great video! You, Jesus and ATT make a great team!

  • C.D. Beatrice Clay

    It’s so nice to hear your voice! Nice vlog. I def. plan to check out that ATT drive mode feature.

  • Lisa Dunham Trudell

    Great post. I have just changed my FB profile picture to show support for the cause. I completely agree that it is very scary how many of those agree to being distracted by texting while on the road.