Apple x Hermes Band is FLY!

I’m late on this, I know this.. however we will discuss!!! I’m usually an Apple hater. I can always find shade in something they do! However their colloboration with Hermes is plenty smart!!


Fresh on the cusp of NYFW, if fashionistas had any hesitation behind grabbing a gadget for their wrist, apple has made it nearly impossible!!  Yes the bands are pricey, but that’s to be expected of Hermes. The leather looks sound and durable for every day wear along with “fanciness”

Here’s what tho.. Over at Mizhatten blog, I spotted this picture where she toyed with the idea of Apple x Multiple brands. I think the masses would flood the stores to pick up the branded bands. Here’s her pics of a few bands that could come to the market.



What do you think? I’d buy them.