5 Gadgets Fashionistas Need for NYFW!

I’m not heading to New York this season for NYFW. I’m pretty bummed about it, but Jesus has a plan for me! LOL If I were headed to NYFW I would undoubtedly have all 5 of these new gadgets with me.

5 gadgets fashionista need for nyfw

5 Gadgets for Fashionistas

Microsoft Surface Pro

It’s small, it has a USB port, the keyboard is interchangeable and colorful, and it’s Windows OS. Don’t get me wrong, I love my MAC, but there are certain that are just better in Microsoft OS. With the Surface PRO you can install all the programs you need to edit photos, create cute slides, etc and tuck it inside your oversized shoulder bag! Between shows pop it out and crank out a post! I’m currently writing up a full review post, make sure you check back for it.

TYLT Portable Battery Charger Options

TYLT really does make some great products for portable charging. I currently use TYLT’s PowerPlant daily because my iPhone5 is currently using iOS7 and the battery life sucks, but that’s a whole different story! lol Just recently they released the Energi power case which gives 2,500 mAh worth of juice, which is more than Mophie’s Juice Pack that priced the same. I’d go where I could get more for the same amount. LOL Either way MBFW is a blur, you might not have time to sit for 30 minutes and charge your phone. Do it on the fly with TYLT.

Samsung Galaxy Camera

BEST THING SINCE SLICED BREAD! That should be enough for you but just in case you need more info on the Samsung Galaxy Camera the picture quality is great, editing options are available right from the camera, AND you can upload your shots DIRECTLY TO INTERNET because it comes with data from AT&T. Think about it, you can create an awesome vine of the final walk and instantly upload it. Freaky fast coverage! There are so many option for dressing up your camera as well. Check out this awesome case I found online that makes my camera “disappear”

Check out this cute case I found for my @samsung #galaxy #camera. My #blogher13 life just got fashionably easier. Lol

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USB Lock charm

Stuff happens. You never want to be caught without a backup plan for computers. Be smart in style with this lock charm that double as an 8GB USB. People will never be the wiser about you actually being wise! LOL

Nokia Lumia 1020

Game changing smart phone for fashionistas. Selfies never looked so good!! With 40+ megapixel the Nokia 1020 Pro Camera works well on automatic, but can be toggled with setting that mimic DSLR to create for better, awesome, superb, fantastic shots. If you’re out and happen to see June Ambrose, imagine how great your shots will look.

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Are you headed to New York for Fashion Week to view the latest fashion trends? What gadgets are you taking with you?