5 Favorite Instagram Editing Apps!


Around 3 years ago I became obsessed with taking better photos. I was always envious of people who had great shots and decided to do something about that. I’ve been on Instagram for a while and enjoy it very much. The constant stream of photos give me purpose and inspires me to better my craft. Filters makes everything look good! LOL

If you already follow me on Instagram you know I love food, traveling, and selfie. Almost every one of my pictures are edited… My Grandma always told me to put my “best foot forward!!” Here are my favs.

5 Favorite Instagram Editing Apps!!


1. VSCOcam

Hands down my favorite! The filters and editing capabilities are AMAZING! Changing the exposure, contrast, and saturation is very easy. They also have these expansion packs with even more amazing filters that make it a total game changer! Purchasing them is extremely easy as well. I know most of you will buck at the sound of paying for something in an app.. but it’s TOTALLY WORTH IT!! All of the pictures I’ve used with VSCO have also come out very crisp is is very important. Additionally, the #vscocam and #vsco hashtag has a huge following!

2. Lightroom

Much like VSCOcam Adobe Lightroom apps comes packed with a lot of the same features you will find in the desktop application. If you are familiar with using lightroom on a desktop then this would be a great app for you. It does have a bit of a learning curve but can make your food shots looks amazing.


3. Snapseed

I downloaded this app a long time ago and then never really used it. Last year I got bored during an insomia phase and realized just how dope the app was/is. One of the best features is being able to spot correct. For instance, if you only wanted to lighten one part of the picture, you have that option! It also makes the pictures very crisp and clean with is very important.

4. A Beautiful Mess App

A Beautiful Mess app is a widely popular app from the widely popular lifestyle blog. It is very artsy with doddles, collages, and borders. I don’t have much use for collages, because I think the take away from a photos composure, but they have tons of great ones.

5. Google Photos

I use google photos for 2 reasons. Their facial recognition capabilities and ease of use when explaining how to edit photos to other people. Their setting are pretty self explanatory and can lead to some great photos after editing.

And there you have it… my favorite Instagram editing apps. Stay tuned because I’ll be posting soon about how to take better pictures for your blog. I’ve been working on that for a few weeks now.


In the meantime, do you edit your Instagram photos? If not, what are you waiting on??? LOL If so, what apps do you use?