5 Fun Portable/Bluetooth Speakers seen at #CES2014!

AT CES 2014 in Las Vegas I was running around like crazy. I came across these fun Bluetooth speakers that are eye catching along with providing great sound.

iLuv SyrenPro Bluetooth Stereo Speakers


Last year iLuv launched the Syren series bluetooth stereo speakers. This year at CES 2014 they extended the speaker line to come equipped with an array of innovative new features, such as TrueWireless Stereo™, which allows users to wirelessly pair two SyrenPro™ units to create a powerful stereo sound system. They are currently only available in black and white, but how cure are these animal print concept color. iLuv! LOL

SuperTooth Disco 4 Speakers


SuperTooth has been making speakers for a couple years now, prior to stopping by their booth at CES Press Unveiled Event I never heard of them. I was presently surprised at this wireless speaker that will pair with devices through Bluetooth 4.0, or can easily pair their devices through the tap-to-pair NFC technology inside the speaker (win for my Samsung Galaxy Note 3). The speaker itself weighs just over a pound, and features an 8 watt bass reflex system for optimal sound quality with a 30 foot range for bluetooth.

Pure Jongo Speakers


British based Pure expanded their speaker line at CES 2014 with the addition of the Jongo T4 model to its existing lineup. This is another brand that is new to me. Jongo speakers can stream music from an Apple phone or tablet, Android device, or a computer via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The T4 is a 50-watt model and joins the big-daddy T6 — with 100W of power, along with the smaller T2, with 20W. The colors are what initially caught my eye on the floor.

Ion Sound Lounge Speaker Systemion-bluetooth-lounge-speaker

Dear Office, you are due for an upgrade! LOL During CES Ion launched with Lounge Speaker System. I saw it up close at Pepcom, up close as in I set on it while trying to take a picture of their other system Flash Cube without realizing what it was! LOL These timeless designed speakers are good for your living room, office, or bed room. Ion has not released a price yet, but they do come in red or white. Believe I will be there to pick one up!

Life N Soul Bluetooth Stereo Speakers


Last year Life N Soul did not exist, they were branded as Spider. This year they came back to the show with a new look and new audio for us consumers. There new colorful bluetooth speakers come priced at $79.99 comes with 30ft bluetooth range and the ability to pick up phone calls when away from phone.

  • Michelle F.

    those are really cool. I love the look of the iluv one.