Jesus said DO NOT Update iOS7 on Initial Release Date!

With Apple’s press conference schedule for later today with iOS7 & Apple 5s and 5C information being release there undoubtedly will be excitement over the new operating system and phone. There are a HOARD of reasons why I hate iOS7, but I’m only going to give you 3 reasons why you should not upgrade to iOS7 initially.


I’ve been using iOS7 for some months now and to be frank I. HATE. IT. I waited until the 3rd beta release to download, because it’s not smart to download the new versions, and there were still tons of issues. Any of the tech people you may come across will tell you…

Jesus said you should wait on iOS7!

If Jesus said it, then you KNOW you can’t do it! LMAO

Precedence and User Interface

iOS7 is not innovative with new features. There is no glitter here! LOL iOS7 is basically a complete overhaul in the user interface or “look and feel” of the phone, but nothing fantastic about it. If you are slow to adapting new interfaces, take your time. Let the people around you use it and gawk about how they hate it, then you update! If you remember, iOS6 had a number of bugs when it was launched to the public. Undoubtedly there will be some this this operating system as well. I have used it for 2-3 months and I can tell you the “search” function in text messages just started working with the last update.


JailBroken Phone = Bad Idea for Update

In the simplest terms ever 😀 iPhone and iPad owners who are jailbroken on iOS 6 or below, should avoid updating to iOS 7 in order to keep their device jailbroken. There is not enough information out yet on jailbreaking for iOS7 and you could loss all the feature you love with your phone.

Apps/Developers Still are Not Ready for iOS7

Developers are not ready! As you know, I rely on my iPhone 5 pretty heavily, not because I love the OS but because developers have put so much into iOS apps. I cannot tell you how many times my phone has rebooted itself, apps have crashed/frozen/restarted/etc. My Gmail for Email app goes down at least once a day. I use WhatsApp to stay in communication with my family and friends daily. Sometimes the text area to type a message just flat out disappears when messaging different groups. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

I’ll be livetweeting from my Twitter and Google+ account when the Press Conference goes live. Make sure you check it out.

Are you still into Apple products or is the “chalet” over for you?!?!

  • Kimberly Gomez

    Thank you so much for the heads up. I have never drunk the koolaid with Apple. I like it but no better than other top brands. I will hold off with updating and will watching for your livetweets today. @impeccableimage

  • I uninstalled iOS7 Completely after using the early betas for about a month. It definitely IS buggy as all get out, BUT I’m sure Apple will be on top of fixes for iOS7 faster than previous versions, simply because it’s a new look and feel.

    Additionally, people are just looking for a reason to defect (like me, I just found a DEAL on a Sammy S4 on eBay…waiting to try out that Galaxy Gear smartwatch) so Apple canNOT afford stay locked up in its “reality distortion field” this go ’round

  • Look, you didn’t have to tell me this. I was like, “Nah, I’m straight!” I can wait.

  • beautyschoolscArlet

    Umm…I wish I had read this before I downloaded it because I hate it!!! Boo…hiss to iSO 7…